Full Version: Hytera PD362 (i) upgrade for (NA2) models & CPS
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This firmware will upgrade your PD362 to the latest (stable) version. Once upgraded you must use the CPS included in this download.

PD365 small portable device. ( how to upgrade firmware ) PC69 Prog. Cable required.

Power off the Subscriber and take off the battery.
Connect the subscriber to PC by USB-cable.
Push and hold the small button (SK1) below the PTT during the next few steps.
Re-install the battery.
Wait for 3-5 seconds.
Release SK1 so as to enter the upgrade mode.
Run the software, select the correct ComPort, should you not find the correct ComPort, click on the REFRESH-button.
Click UPGRADE in the main interface to start the upgrade-process.
The software will do the rest.
The information on the progress-bar will show: “Updating, please wait….”
After more or less 5 seconds, the information on the progress-bar will display the % rate of the forth going upgrade-process.
The upgrade-process will take more or less 1 minute to finish. Finally, the information-bar will prompt “Upgrade completed successfully”.
Click OK and power-off the subscriber.