PDC760-B2 (NA ONLY) FIRMWARE V2.1.001AG2_V2.
This firmware is for the HYTERA PDC-760 B2 (North-America) with Google Apps Support.

link to download (900Mb) : http://dmrq.ca/pdc760/G2_DMR_V2.1.001AG2....000.01.fw

Once your PDC760 is upgraded with the above firmware (2.1) you must use MDM lite V2.1, download here: https://radioquebec.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=118

How to upgrade?

Open MDM lite,

Click on "Upgrade"  (left side menu tab)
Click on "Browse" --> Select file G2_DMR_2.1.001AG2_V2.
Click on  "Upgrade" (top center tab)

Upgrade may take 10-15 minutes to load the 900MB file to the radio, then the radio will disconnect from the MDM, progress indicator will be visible on the radio, this process will take another 20 minutes or so, radio may seem inactive, please be patient..radio will reboot a few times before it's stable working state.

***** Official Hytera Smart MDM Sharing Platform  ***** ( this link is now broken, Hytera has pulled this site on or around May 20th 2019)

How to get upgrades by "PUSH" service.

With MDM lite go to Broadband -->MDM settings

1) in the HTTP:// address field  change to :  mdm.hytera.com:8083 ( for north America please use http://mdm.hytera.cloud:8083 )
2) contact your dealer to make sure that your pdc760 is registered ( if you purchased your PDC760 from us (Belair Technologies) you are already registered.

* push upgrades may take up to 60 minutes, make sure that your battery is fully charged and that you have a solid Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. 1GB file download required.

If you experience issues or have any questions please contact us : https://radioquebec.net/forum/contact.php

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