Hytera PD362i v3 Question
Hi all,

I see v3 firmware is available for the PD362i and I have a few questions.

I upgraded my PD362i tonight with no issues. I put the portable in firmware upgrade mode and all was good.
Radio works fine, didn't lose my code plug either.

Now where can I download the v3 CPS as v2 will not connect to the portable now. I imagine I will have to convert my .rcd file to v3 also.

Does anyone know what has changed between v2.06.04.502 and v3.01.07.001?

Hopefully the popping audio issues have been resolved and Hytera corrected the volume and tone alert loudness issues.
Currently the minimum volume it still to loud for "quite" use and the tone alerts don't follow the volume loudness at all when set to do so.
I contacted Hytera support about this last year.

de Rob
Try this CPS, (attached)

Basically they increased the battery life and some other changes that you speak of.

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.rar   DMRCT_PD3_CPS_V2.05.19.007.US.NA2(external).rar (Size: 14.86 MB / Downloads: 633)

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